Is CBD simply a Fad?

What is CBD and how does it actually work?

With almost 14% of Americans utilizing CBD products in their daily regiment, and the wide availability of products in the market, CBD does tend to have the fad potential doesn't it?

Or does it?

The Cannabis plant has been used in medicine since the beginning of recorded medicine, with evidence that ancient physicians in many parts of the world mixed cannabis into medicines to treat pain and other ailments from blood clots to combating of tapeworms.  In fact cannabis is one of 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese Medicine.  (1)

In the early 1990's a team of researchers from around the world discovered why.  The Endocannabinoid system was discovered by Dr. Lumir Hanus and American researcher Dr. William Devane in 1992.  This lead to decades of clinical trials on the interaction of cannabinoids and mammals.  (2)

This research has shown that Cannabidiol(CBD) and other Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant provide incredible support to the overall "system performance" of the human body by fueling the Endocannabinoid system.

These topics will be covered in further detail in continuing posts.

CBD is not a fad, but rather the beginning of a pharmaceutical revolution that brings natural medicine and the human body to a symbiotic relationship as never before known. 

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