Meat, Eggs, Dairy

Salem Farms offers all natural meat and milk as well as organic chicken eggs.

Salem farms pork is raised outside of Holton, Kansas on 75 acres of native grasslands in a peaceful and low stress environment then processed at Holton Meat Processing a State certified processing plant.  There is nothing better than naturally raised, locally grown and processed meats.

Our free range chickens live on our farm in a very large bird pen with protective netting to keep them safe from predators.  These girls live in a luxurious all inclusive resort for chickens when compared to most.  They have always received our organic produce waist from harvesting on the farm as the majority of their diet.  Receiving the not quite perfect tomatoes, lettuce heads and other non-sellable products has kept our flock healthy and happy.  We supplement with organic layer pellet and Sorghum from the farm to ensure a well balanced diet.  Enjoy some of the best eggs on earth today!

 BTW...if you are always seeing that the eggs are sold out when checking the store, you most likely are not on our newsletter.  Our chicken eggs usually sell out within a few hours of the inventory update being made. 

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